“Within the first 200 metres I just forget everything. It is the simplicity of riding a bike… forgetting about how I came to be there, concentrating on nothing but that front wheel going around and around. There is something that is quite rewarding about it” – Bruce Howard AKA ‘The Angry Butcher’

5 years in the making, The Angry Butcher is a stand alone, independent local bike shop. Owned and operated by a local, run by locals and serving the local community with all of their bike needs. The Angry Butcher is more than just your average bike shop. The Angry Butcher team have big ideas, big hearts and even bigger passion.

We give our customers nothing but the best with uncompromising quality of the bikes and accessories we provide and a unique customer service experience. Our crew are all passionate riders with a great deal of expertise in both the race and street scene.  We sell, build, repair and even restore bikes so it doesn’t matter what level you are at. If you want to ride we will get you on that bike.

At the Angry Butcher we have experienced firsthand how a bike has the ability to bust down some of the mental barriers and clear the mind. Whether it is a road bike, a mountain bike, BMX, kids or your trusty old hybrid, we will get your lungs pumping and have you riding your own race in no time.

We want to help you find the bike that will push your boundaries and maximise the thrill of a hell raising climb. We want you to enjoy every kilometre of the ride and feel good doing it. But most importantly, we want you to get ANGRY!
Welcome to the Angry Butcher. ..we are looking forward to taking you on one hell of a ride.
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